Why Your Clients Need Our Programs

American Seniors Are Losing Billions Every Year, We Can Help. Did you know that 90% of life insurance policies never get paid out to families? Each year, some $200 billion in life insurance will lapse or be surrendered that could have been sold on the secondary market instead. At our core, we believe everyone has the right to know the value of their assets so they can make better financial decisions to protect their families.

Our dedicated team can:

Our goal is simple: Unlock billions for retirement funding to help American families.

Why Harbor Life?

We are redefining a standard of excellence & innovation in the industry. We help financial professionals supercharge their revenue and client satisfaction through our 4 core pillars.


We believe every consumer has the right to know the value of ALL their assets so they can make the best financial decisions for their family.

Transparency (fees, offers, valuation, timelines, process, options, bid history).

Doing the right thing even when no one is looking. 


We have dedicated account executives for 1:1 sales enablement throughout our partner companies. 

Our full back office team can handle everything from getting illustrations, compiling medical records, underwriting policies through advanced financial analysis, ordering life expectancies to even 1:1 client communication. Whatever you need, we have. 


We believe in building intuitive technology to help consumers and producers make smarter financial choices. 

My Policy PredictorWith only a few basic questions, our tool can provide an instant estimate of a policy’s value and a detailed analysis of how the future value settlement compares to keeping the policy.

Live Auction – Competition benefits consumers. Instantly access the world’s biggest buyers in our centralized  exchange where funders bid on policies in real time. Offers through our auction net 50% higher offers than the industry average.


We believe in creating proactive education and marketing campaigns that grow your business by creating value for your customers.

Redefining life settlement distribution through educational programs & traditional wholesaling principles supercharged with marketing technology. 

Our account executive and wholesaling teams can plug into your existing systems and educate your entire team and even consumers.

Why Would A Family Sell Their Life Insurance Policy?

Continuing to pay for a policy that is no longer needed, surrendering life insurance for pennies on the dollar or lapsing life insurance for nothing is not a financial strategy.

It’s a waste of wealth.

Life Settlements Help Families

Fund Retirement

Pay Medical Bills

Reduce Debt

Reinvest Proceeds Into Other Assets

Reduce Out Of Pocket Living Expenses

Fund Long Term Care

Our Programs Help You Get Your Client The Most Money For Their Policy And When They Need It Most

We make life settlements for our partners and clients easy and profitable. Your clients deserve the most for their policies and to receive their money when they want it. Your clients may also have different reasons for unlocking the cash from their policy and in any case will benefit from being listed on the world’s largest real time exchange.  Many people can no longer afford to keep paying high premiums and don’t see their policy as a good investment. Unlocking the most cash for their policy can provide them with the option of purchasing a different type of life insurance policy, provide additional funds for retirement and use the money for other investments. We can help you show your clients who are looking for financial freedom and peace of mind how to unlock the cash from possibly one of their largest assets. When we work together you and your clients can be secure in knowing that you will be working with a trusted leader in the life settlement industry.

Life Settlements Unlocking Billions for Retirement Funding

The financial services industry, not the government, is best positioned to solve this looming retirement crisis. And life settlements can be central to that solutionConsider how much additional senior funding would be available if: 

  • Life settlements were widely accepted as a desirable financial strategy to liquidate life insurance. 
  • Every senior compared the value of their life insurance on the secondary market to the policy’s surrender value — prior to making any decisions to terminate coverage. 
  • Senior policyholders could sell their life insurance with confidence that they’d have full transparency into the transaction. 
  • Financial advisors, insurance agents, RIAs, and broker-dealers are obligated to objectively evaluate whether a life settlement makes sense for their clients.

Harbor Life Brokerage’s Exchange is the only life settlement auction platform that operates with full transparency. The bidding auction is handled online, where all parties have access to all information pertaining to that case.

Harbor Life Brokerage Is Changing The Way People View Their Life Insurance Policies!​