Why Your Clients Need Our Programs

Harbor Life Brokerage can provide your clients with access to the cash value from their life insurance policies that they deserve. Your clients often outgrow the usefulness of their policies and look to their trusted advisors for advice on how to handle one of their largest assets. Harbor Life Brokerage has options for policyowners and there is never a need to lapse or surrender a policy to the insurance company. Your clients will be able to make other investments and fund retirement, pay for uncovered medical bills, reduce living expenses and have extra money monthly. Our programs help you get your client the most money for their policy and when they need it most.

Why You Should Work With Harbor Life Brokerage

We are the leaders and innovators in the life settlement industry. We are steadfast in our mission of providing life insurance policyowners and their representatives the best service in the life settlement industry. Our partners can expect transparency and a true partnership when working with us. We have successfully built strong relationships with the largest institutional buyers in the world through our innovative life settlement platform, which forces competitive buying. When you join our Harbor Life family, we will work alongside you to make sure your clients receive the best offer for one of their largest assets. We look forward to helping you grow your business! When you work with us, you will be able to offer new and better options for their policy, making you even more valuable to your clients.


We have streamlined the life settlement process. It has never been easier to get your client a life settlement.


When your clients stop paying high premiums on policies, it allows for new policies to be purchased.


We will put cash into your clients’ hands faster than other companies.


Gain access to the industry’s most advanced live transparent life settlement exchange. Sit back and watch your case in real-time, we encourage our partners to share in the process.


Your client’s case will be put before the whole life settlement market on our exchange ensuring the highest payout for their policies.


We are here for you and offer full back office support.


Our team provides transparency for you and your clients. From the start of working on a case together until completion.


You can start marketing to your existing client base and create new revenue streams immediately. We provide you with professional marketing materials and everything you need to get started.


We have solutions for your clients that you couldn’t previously help.


Receive expert advice, use cutting-edge tools and technology that you need to unlock opportunities for existing and new clients.


Let us show you how to free up dead money, and open opportunities for persistency and renewals.


We will show you how to rescue your clients from undesirable policies without needing to lapse or surrender them.

Harbor Life Brokerage Is Changing The Way People View Their Life Insurance Policies!​