The life settlement specialists

When it comes to life settlements, it pays to have the best team on your side. The team at Harbor Life Brokerage consists of industry experts who are dedicated to your success.

The Harbor Life story

Harbor Life was founded with a simple mission:
to fix the life settlements industry and help American seniors and their families.

The story starts with Harbor Life founder Lucas Siegel’s great grandfather. Like many retired folks, his life insurance premiums kept increasing as he aged. Eventually the policy became unaffordable, so he did what 85% of seniors do in this situation: he let his policy lapse. After years of paying premiums on that policy, the family received nothing.

No one told Lucas’s great grandfather that he could have sold his life insurance policy for up to 70% of the death benefit in cash. Lucas started Harbor Life to help ensure this same situation doesn’t happen to anyone else.

In 2020

Harbor Life launched the Harbor Life Exchange, which centralizes every major buyer in the industry into one online bidding platform. The results have been spectacular, with the exchange providing 50% higher sale prices than the industry average.

In 2022

Harbor Life launched My Policy Predictor™, the world's first AI-powered life settlement calculator that enables advisors and insureds to underwrite a policy in minutes, not months.

Expert guidance from industry leaders

Technology & Tools

Education & Enablement

Process & Implementation

Best in Class Team

No one knows life settlements like Harbor Life Brokerage. Our revolutionary technology, commitment to transparency, and world-class support have earned us a reputation as one of the most innovative brokerages in America.

We partner with financial services companies of all sizes, including some of the largest firms in the country. Life insurance brokers, general agencies, independent agents, and financial advisors trust Harbor Life to represent the best interests of their clients.

As we improve our technology and processes based on extensive research, we remain committed to transparency for partners and their clients and continue to comply with all relevant state and federal regulations.

Partners also have access to our customer service and back-office support teams, who will provide the tools, education, processes, and materials you need to help your clients achieve their financial goals.

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