Leaders In The Industry

Harbor Life Brokerage is a recognized leader in the life settlement industry.  Our transparency and success in the industry have built us a reputation as one of the most innovative brokerages in America among financial and insurance professionals and their clients.  Here at Harbor Life Brokerage, we take our responsibility to represent the best interest of our network of partners and clients in the life settlement process seriously.

We have conducted extensive research and utilized technology to bring life settlements to the forefront of options available in the financial services industry.  We provide transparency to our partners so they can be transparent with their clients.  We adhere to regulatory compliances, as well as state and federal regulations.

Our customer service team, policy analysis calculator, real-time bidding exchange, back-office support, and marketing materials are unparalleled.

With a trusted partner like Harbor Life Brokerage supporting you, the ability to achieve the financial goals of your clients is now even easier.  We can help your clients access the money they deserve from their life insurance policies, and in some cases, still retain a portion of their death benefits.  

We are respected partners and work with some of the largest financial service companies in the nation, including life insurance brokers, general agencies, independent agents, and financial advisors.

We take great pride in knowing that our brokerage has opened a new avenue for many seeking financial freedom through life settlements.  We welcome working with new partners to continue building the future of life settlements.

What You Can Expect When Working With Us

Highest Payouts For Life Settlements

Our Unique Whole Life Program

Live Exchange

Life Settlement Calculator

Expert Advice

New Opportunities

New Revenue Streams

Help Clients Access Cash

Options For Ineligible Clients

Transparency For You & Your Clients

We’re not like most companies in the industry. We believe in transparency and have a way to provide your clients with the cash they deserve.

– Lucas Siegel, CEO of Harbor life brokerage

How Harbor Life Began​

Our founder, Lucas Siegel, felt so strongly about what happened to his grandfather that he started Harbor Life to help other seniors in the same position. Lucas’s grandfather, like many retired folks, faced a dilemma. His life insurance policy premiums kept going up as he aged. Pretty soon, the policy became unaffordable, so Mr. Siegel did what 85% of seniors do when faced with this situation; he let his policy lapse to escape the high monthly premium payments. What Mr. Siegel didn’t know and what Harbor Life wants to teach all seniors is that he could have sold his life insurance policy for up to 70% of the death benefit in cash. Sadly, after so many years of paying premiums on that policy, Mr. Siegel received nothing when his policy lapsed. Lucas doesn’t want what happened to his grandfather to happen to you or someone you love.