Is A Life Settlement Right For Your Client?

Harbor Life Brokerage has the technology and expertise to help you decide if a life settlement is a good option for your clients.  Your client should never surrender a life insurance policy when you can work with us to get the most from their life insurance policies.  Continuing to pay for a policy that is no longer needed, surrendering life insurance for pennies on the dollar or lapsing life insurance for nothing is not a financial strategy.  It’s a waste of wealth. 

A Life Settlement from Harbor Life Brokerage is a financial transaction that enables qualified life insurance policy owners to receive cash for their policies.  Once the sale of a life insurance policy is completed, the policy is then transferred to the buyer who becomes responsible for all future premium payments and any beneficial interest from the life insurance policy.

Life settlements are regulated and were developed due to the limited options available to consumers when the insured needs access to cash for medical bills, retirement, and other living expenses, while their life insurance coverage is no longer needed or affordable.

Harbor Life Brokerage has built the industry’s largest real-time exchange auction for life settlements guaranteeing your client’s policy will be seen by all of the major life settlement buyers, resulting in the highest price paid for the policy. When a case is listed on our exchange, the client’s representative will have access to real-time bidding, and we provide transparency from the start to completion of a case.

Harbor Life Brokerage’s life settlements provide policy owners a better choice when previously the only available options were to lapse, cancel, or surrender their life insurance policy.  Now, life insurance policies can be one of the largest assets your client owns. Like most other personal assets, life insurance policies can be sold for a fair market value.

Our life settlement process is secure, transparent, confidential.  There is never an obligation to work with us when using our online life settlement calculator to estimate the value of a client’s policy.  We encourage anyone working in the financial services industry to speak with a representative from Harbor Life Brokerage and let us show you how we can work together to get the most money for your clients in a life settlement using our exchange network. 

Life Settlement Case Study

A partner submitted a policy for his client, Norman. Norman had a life insurance policy with a $1,300,000 face amount. Before learning about Harbor Life, a competitor offered Norman $95,000 for his policy. Through Harbor Life’s network of buyers and Harbor Life’s real-time exchange, we were able to secure $295,000 for his client, over 300% more than what he would have gotten for his client if he had gone direct.


See how Norman benefited when his agent worked with Harbor Life Brokerage instead of directly with a buyer.