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Don’t let your clients pay for unneeded life insurance, surrender their policies, or let them lapse. Get them fair market value by partnering with Harbor Life.

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What are life settlements?

Many perceive the value of life insurance as the death benefit. However, the majority of policies will lapse or be surrendered without paying the death benefit, returning either nothing or pennies on the dollar to the policyholder. That’s not a financial strategy — it’s a waste of wealth.

Life settlements allow policyholders to sell policies they don’t want or can’t afford on the secondary market for prices that can be 4 to 11 times higher than the surrender value.

For seniors, that means more cash on hand to enjoy retirement, pay medical bills, and support their families. For you, it means providing the best possible options to clients and creating a new revenue stream in the process.

What are life settlements

What are life settlements?

Why partner with Harbor Life?

Harbor Life Brokerage offers technology and expertise to help you proactively decide if life settlements are good options for your clients. Our life settlement process is secure, transparent, and confidential.

My Policy Predictor™ life settlement calculator

The most advanced life settlement calculator in the world, My Policy Predictor uses machine learning to analyze millions of data points and appraise policies in just minutes. You can even upload your entire book of business for underwriting all at once!

The Harbor Life exchange

We built the industry’s largest real-time exchange auction for life settlements, guaranteeing your client’s policy will be seen by all of the major buyers and net 50% higher offers than the industry average. When a case is listed on our exchange, the client’s representative will have access to real-time bidding, and we provide transparency from start to finish.

Best-in-class partnership at every level

To help your clients win, you need the best team behind you. We offer groundbreaking technology, training for your agents, marketing materials, and access to our full underwriting team. In addition, our back office can handle medical records collection, illustration collection, premium optimization, and even one-on-one support with clients.

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I came to Harbor Life with one of my clients who was looking to sell his life insurance policy to help his family and business get through a difficult situation. The client already had an offer through another company. After working with Denise, Austin, and Jessi we were able to acquire 3 times the amount of money net to client. I have over a decade of experience in the life insurance industry and this company has a platform to settle life insurance policies like no other company.

Jeff Ault

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Life settlements change lives

These accounts are about real people who have benefited from selling their policies through Harbor Life.

This client had a $1,000,000 term policy that was at the end of the level period. Premiums were going from $670/year to $20,000/year. He couldn’t afford to keep the policy and he couldn’t get a new policy due to his terminal illness, but was still able to get a settlement through Harbor Life.

Gross offer: $482,000

Total bids on the exchange: 35

This client was struggling to pay her premiums on a $250,000 policy and needed help paying living expenses. She received a $50,000 settlement offer from a competitor, but reached out to Harbor Life for a second opinion. Our high offer was $20,000 more than the competition’s, net of fee.

Gross offer: $97,000

Total bids on the exchange: 25

This former pro athlete had advancing dementia, and no longer needed his $250,000 policy. His wife wanted to use cash from a life insurance settlement to fund a long vacation with her husband before he would require full-time care.

Gross offer: $57,500

This client purchased a $2,500,000 policy to benefit a seminary. He didn’t want to continue with premiums, and the seminary didn’t want to take them over, so they decided to sell the policy through the Harbor Life exchange and donate the proceeds instead.

Gross offer: $500,000

Total bids on the exchange: 33

Most life settlement buyers require sellers to be elderly or impaired, but Harbor Life has access to buyers who will offer settlements for clients who aren’t typically a fit because they’re too young or too healthy. This younger client had been turned away from other firms when seeking a settlement on his $2,500,000 policy.

Gross offer: $600,000

Discover how Harbor Life can supercharge your life settlement business.