Unlock more value from whole life policies

With Harbor Life, you can eliminate clients’ high-interest loans and reclaim cash value while retaining a death benefit and avoiding future premiums.

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This is whole life reimagined

Stop us if this sounds familiar: your client needs to access cash from their whole life policy, but feels stuck with no good options. Bank loans have high interest rates, and surrendering the policy has unfavorable tax consequences and means forfeiting the death benefit.

The Loan for Life™ program solves this problem. It’s a long-overdue solution for creating tax efficiency and high-interest-rate protection for clients needing to escape high-interest loans or access cash value from whole life policies.

This program allows clients to pay back high-interest loans, access cash value, avoid unfavorable tax consequences of surrendering a policy, and never pay another premium while retaining a portion of their death benefit.

Why partner with Harbor Life?

As an authorized distributor of the Loan for Life™ program, we’re able to offer your clients the best possible solution for unlocking value from their whole life policies — and help you expand your practice in the process.

How does the Loan for Life™ program work?

We offer a loan against your client’s whole life cash value so the client can use the funds tax-free. The current owner stays the owner, and the lender becomes a collateral assignee at the carrier. The value and the maturity payout are the only collateral required.

Who’s eligible?

There are no health, age, or medical requirements. Whole life insurance policies which have been in force for 2+ years with a cash account value of $150,000 to $10,000,000+ are eligible. This program is not available in all states.

What are the benefits?

Loan for Life™ is a better option for many than bank loans or surrendering a policy. Through this program, clients never have to pay another premium, can pay off high-interest-rate loans, can receive as much as 100% of the cash surrender value of their policy (less the Lender’s fees and expenses), and retain a portion of the death benefit — all without a taxable event.


How the whole life program is changing lives

These accounts are about real people who have benefited from Loan for Life™.

Almost 25 years ago Brian Langford formed and funded a Trust which took out a whole life policy on his life – with a current death benefit of $4.7 million. This was good and proper estate planning. But now, at age 80, Brian is long retired with diminishing liquid assets and he is worried about being able to keep funding the trust to pay the premiums to keep the policy in force. He also wants to set up a couple of trusts for his grandchildren. The policy has built up over $2.5 million in cash value over the years, but now he faces a dilemma as to what to do with it and how he can get the money he needs
Arthur Benson bought his whole life insurance policy many years ago for a lump sum of$1.9million. It’s now worth over $5.4 million of cash value and has a death benefit of $7.1 million. He’s in great health. The problem is that just 5 years ago, Arthur took out a policy loan of $3.5 million to help purchase an investment property. The insurance carrier has been charging him an 8% interest rate and the loan has already accrued to nearly $5.1 million, a sum he can’t begin to pay off. In fact, if he doesn’t pay the interest each year (which he can’t) then the policy will lapse and terminate in just a few years. This will eliminate his $7.1 million tax free death benefit and trigger income taxes on a $3.5 million gain!

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