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Whether you’re looking to invest in life settlements or want to help your clients sell their policies, Harbor Life can streamline the process.

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We streamline the life settlement process, from appraisal to auction.

With Harbor Life Brokerage, life settlements don’t have to be complicated, time consuming, or high risk.

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Our trusted, secure life settlement exchange

In our centralized exchange, buyers can bid on policies in real time — and agents can get the best outcomes for clients who decide to sell.

Our reputation and experience

Our transparency and success in the industry have built us a reputation as one of the most innovative brokerages in America among financial and insurance professionals and their clients.

Our back-office support

Once a policy sells, our dedicated closing team ensures that the final details of the transaction are handled seamlessly.

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“The technology Harbor Life has created to help me present life settlement solutions to the agents I work with has changed the way I run my practice. No longer will a client surrender a life insurance policy without knowing the real value of their policy! Utilizing their auction makes me feel very comfortable that they are receiving the best possible price in the market.”


Chief executive officer

“Harbor Life is very transparent and are visionaries when it comes to making the life settlement market as competitive as possible to maximize the value given to each life settlement client you may run across. Austin (my main point of contact) has about 9 years in the business and knows the market inside and out and has always been remarkably responsive and accessible when needed. ”



“The challenge historically with working on [life settlement] cases is the time it takes to get clear answers for the advisors as to what the policies are actually worth. Working w/ Harbor Life Brokerage takes those problems right off the table. Their policy predictor platform allows an advisor to know within minutes what their clients’ policies are worth. From there, Harbor has a team of people to help my agents settle the policies, getting top dollar using their online auction.”


Chief executive officer