Up To 85% Accuracy When Estimating The Value Of A Life Policy

Harbor Life Brokerage has built an advanced tool using AI technology that allows agents, advisors, financial representatives the ability to find the value of a life insurance policy instantly. Our innovative tool has drastically changed the length of time required to gather pertinent information that is needed to price a policy. Instead of taking months for initial underwriting, users can instantly receive an estimate on a single policy or an entire book of business. Using the online life settlement calculator is easy, efficient, and accurate. Simply access Harbor Life Brokerage’s online calculator by computer or mobile devices, answer a few standard questions and your estimate on the value of the life insurance policy entered will instantly generate. A user can also upload data for multiple policies and generate quotes based on 6 different health statuses. This helpful tool will allow the user to target policies that are ideal for life settlements, and create pre-quoted sales brochures for marketing purposes.