The industry’s only live online life settlement exchange

The Harbor Life Exchange grants you access to the entire life settlement market in one place, using live auctions to get higher offers for your clients’ policies.

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Get 50% higher offers than the industry average

When you get just a few offers on a client’s life settlement from direct buyers, you’re unlikely to get close to fair market value.

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How our Life Exchange streamlines life settlements

The Harbor Life Exchange brings together the industry’s largest institutional buyers in one online marketplace, using live online auctions to increase competition and get your clients the highest possible offers for their life insurance policies.

Our life settlement exchange streamlines the process of selling a policy, starting with our policy evaluation tool that can qualify policies in your book of business in less than five minutes. Once you’ve identified eligible policies, you can easily list them on our life settlement auction — where they’ll be visible to most of America’s largest buyers. You’ll save time by listing a policy once instead of doing individual applications to different providers, and the increased visibility will help drive up the sale price as buyers make bids through our live auction. Policies listed on our life settlement platform get over 32% of the face amount for sellers, which is 54% higher than the industry standard.

With personalized service, unparalleled transparency, and seamless transactions, all you need to do is list policies and watch the bids roll in.

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Why partner with Harbor Life?

The Harbor Life Exchange is a trusted and secure life settlement exchange where agents, brokers, advisors, and financial representatives can sell policies in a live auction for the highest value.

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Amplify your reach

Our life settlement exchange lets you skip the legwork of getting bids from multiple buyers. Listing your clients’ policies on the exchange instantly puts them in front of the entire life settlement market, where buyers can bid on them through a live auction. More visibility means more bids, so when you get a final offer, you can be sure it’s the best one available.

Harbor Life Brokerage's Life Settlement Exchange bid example

Completely transparent process

Our process is transparent from start to finish. You and your clients can see exactly how many buyers participated in the auction, the details of every bid, and feedback from buyers. When a final offer is received, we’ll send a customized offer letter summarizing the auction.

We work in your clients’ best interest

Unlike direct buyers, Harbor Life has a fiduciary duty to the seller. We represent your client, and our number one job is to ensure they get the most money possible for their policy.

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Discover how Harbor Life can supercharge your life settlement business.

Learn how we can help you evaluate and list policies on our life settlement exchange to maximize offers.