Transparent Real-Time Bidding

Harbor Life Brokerage’s Exchange is a trusted and secure life settlement exchange where agents, brokers, advisors, and financial representatives can sell policies in a live auction for the highest value.

Using our Exchange is straightforward.  List your cases and have your policies in front of the world’s largest life settlement buyers. You can expect personalized service, transparency, and seamless transactions for all of your policies. We’ll gather all of the necessary information and share it with our extensive network of providers.

We successfully receive offers on listed cases that are 50% higher than the industry average. Higher offers benefit both the agent and the seller. We enable sellers to put policies in front of more buyers, producing higher bids for their policies. Buyers like our network since they have access to a larger selection of quality policies to consider and our dedicated closing team ensures that the final details of the transaction are handled seamlessly.

Much like how the MLS system in real estate allowed a seller to get their property in front of every buyer in the market, our life settlement auction platform amplifies a seller’s reach to increase competition and find a true market value. By leveraging our technology, policies can be put in front of every institutional buyer in the world — which increases competition resulting in more bids and higher offers than what is possible through the regular process.

This technology also adds transparency, as policyholders can see how many buyers looked at their policy and how many offers were made. Changes in industry standards will also help with these issues, as equal standards for RIAs, financial advisors, and broker-dealers will ensure this option must be presented when it benefits clients.

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